Are You Packing The Right Sandals For a Summer Vacation?

Summer Vacation & Shoes

Oh, that dreaded moment when it’s time to stare blankly at your closet and figure out what to pack for your summer vacation. Doesn’t it always feel daunting to narrow down your wardrobe to fit into one single piece of luggage, especially when you start considering your shoe collection? How are you supposed to bring enough sandals to work with all your various outfits? No worries, we understand, and we’ve got you covered. Today we’re talking all about making sure you pack the right sandals for your summer vacation.

How many pairs of shoes you bring will, of course, depend on how much space you have in your luggage. Maybe you’re even bringing multiple pieces of luggage. Lucky you! But today we’re going to discuss the basic pairs of sandals that we think are absolutely essential for any summer vacation, no matter what size luggage you’re bringing. Let’s start with the most basic of them all:

1. A Neutral, Flat, Strappy Sandal

If you love your brightly colored, fully adorned sandals, we’re all for that, but when you’re jet-setting to a tropical destination, we suggest investing in a good pair of neutral, flat, strappy sandals. Why? Because even though an array of sandals in all colors of the rainbow is fun, they’re not super practical when trying to pack for vacation. You only have so much room in your luggage, so you need to pack a pair of sandals that will match with various outfits.

Summer Vacation SandalsLeft to right: The Crafting Nook, Wachabuy, Lily & Co.

This doesn’t mean your sandals have to be boring or plain, though. Boring and plain shoes have no home here at An Unlikely Pear! That’s why we suggest investing in a pair of strappy sandals to give your feet a little extra something. You’re wearing a neutral color shoe after all, so why not try out some lace up sandals or maybe ones with buckles, or even some tassel embellishment? This is a great opportunity to play with embellishment on your sandals, while keeping the color neutral so as not to clash with your outfits.Our In Luck Now Sandals come in both black and brown and make a great option for a summer vacation.

Summer Vacation SandalsIn Luck Now Sandal

2. A Neutral Heeled Sandal

Once again, we’re keeping with that neutral trend, but we’re taking it up a notch by adding a heel. Your strappy flat shoes might work for your daytime activities: trips to the beach, exploring the city, and basic lunch dates, but what about the evening dinners or the late night cocktails? You’re going to want a pair of sandals that boasts a little more sophistication than your day shoes. For comfort sake, we suggest going with a block heel or a wedge, because really, what is more summer appropriate than wedge heels? Not much. At Unlikely Pear, we recommend trying the Andira Wedge Ankle Tie Sandal or the Kaia Ghillie Lace-Up Heel for a perfectly comfortable, fashion-forward heeled sandal option.

Summer Vacation SandalsLeft to right: Andira Wedge Ankle Tie Sandal, Kaia Ghillie Lace-Up Heel

And hey, if heels aren’t your thing, then add another pair of neutral flat sandals into your luggage. We suggest really amping up the embellishment on your evening sandal, though. Maybe try something with the slightest raise in it or a sandal with extra hardware. You want to be able to differentiate between your evening sandal and your day sandal.

3. A Fun, Bright Slip-On Sandal

Now, you could always pack your basic pair of flip-flops, but we’re thinking since you’re on a shoe blog, your shoe standards might be a little higher than this. Are we right? We thought so. So, if flip-flops aren’t really your thing, you’re still probably going to want to have a convenient pair of slip on sandals that you can wear when heading out to the pool or to the beach. While your strappy, flat sandals might be great for comfort, they’re not so great for when you’re going to be taking your shoes on and off.

This is where we suggest playing with color and bold embellishments more. You likely don’t have as many bathing suits or beach cover-ups than you do outfits, so you’ll have a much easier time finding a good pair of slip-ons that will match with your beachwear/pool wear, especially if you keep the beachwear pieces more neutral. However, if you do have wild print bikinis and brightly colored cover-ups, this is still a great time to play with color and be bold in your shoe choices.

Summer Vacation SandalsFrom left to right: Magdelena Sandal, Polyvore, Olivia Sandal

Like we said, how many pairs of shoes you bring on your summer vacation will be completely dependent on how much space you have in your luggage and the amount of time you’ll be on vacation. The above recommendations are three styles of sandals that we believe are your basic, must haves. What do you think? What sandals do you always bring when packing for vacation?

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