Sandals to Wear with Summer Dresses

Maxi Dress

With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to start pulling out all those summer dresses. We know you must be excited, so today we’re going to share different summer dresses from Nordstrom with you, and then show you how to pair them with your shoes. Of course, your personal style will help guide you in your decisions, but a little inspiration never hurt anyone, right?

Let’s jump right into it!

1. A Printed Dress (shorter length)

Printed Dress

Nothing screams summer more than a bright, tropical print like this. With this style of dress, you can easily dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. For a day look, we suggest some flat sandals or wedges. For a night time look, we suggest a higher heel in a wedge, pump, or sandal format. With this style of dress, you really can embrace your ideal shoe preference and not have to worry too much about the shoe style clashing with the dress style.

However, with a printed dress, you’ll want to pay more attention to color rather than style. For example, with this dress, because of its off-white shade, we suggest staying away from any white toned shoes to avoid clashing. Also, with a bright print, we suggest staying away from black shoes, as they may darken up an otherwise fresh look. What we do recommend for a printed summer dress is pairing a nude shoe or picking up on a bright color in the dress itself. In this case, a bright orange or green shoe would really pull this look together.

2. Midi Dress

Midi Dress

We’re using the above example for what we recommend not doing. When wearing a midi dress, we highly recommend wearing a shoe that does not cut off at the ankle, as shown above. Any shoe that has any type of wrap around the ankle will likely look awkward with this length of dress. Of course there are always exceptions, but generally speaking, when such a small portion of your leg is exposed, when you cut the leg off at the ankle, it makes you look shorter. However, If you are wearing a midi dress and you like the look of an ankle strap, we suggest making sure your shoes are at least heeled. A heeled option will help elongate your legs and bring the look together. We think our Oliva sandal in orange would work perfectly here (pictured below)

Oliva Sandal

3. Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are perfect for summer because they can easily be dressed up or down. Pair your maxi dress with heels and automatically your look is more sophisticated. If you’re feeling more casual or you’re just running some errands, throw on a pair of basic flip flops under your maxi dress and nobody will even be able to tell! It’s very hard to go wrong with a maxi dress for summer.

4. White Dress

White Dress

It’s almost an unwritten rule in the fashion world that basically every woman needs a staple white sundress in her collection. They’re super easy to wear, can be dressed up or down, and match with essentially anything. Their versatility is what makes them great when trying to decide which shoe to wear. A great white dress is a perfect opportunity to play with color and embellishment.

Here are some brightly colored shoes to give you some inspiration when putting together your look:

Summer Sandals

To summarize, you may have picked up on this already, but there are basically three steps you should take when trying to decide which shoes to pair with your summer dresses:

  • First, think about the occasion. Is a high heeled, dressy shoe more appropriate, or are you looking for more of a daytime shoe that is good for walking?
  • Once you have that figured out, next, look at the length of the dress. This will help you narrow down the style of the shoe (remember: short dresses have more options, long dresses you don’t want to cut the ankle off with straps).
  • Once you know both of those things, all you have to do is determine which color will look best with the dress. One thing is for sure: it’s basically impossible to go wrong with a nude shoe; it will match with anything. Black can be a little too dark for summer, so we recommend brown or tan instead, and of course, when paired with the right dress, a brightly colored shoe always makes a statement.

Who’s excited to pull out their summer dresses? Perhaps you already have, or maybe you have a vacation coming up. Whatever the case, whenever the time comes to start wearing your summer dresses, we hope you feel a bit more confident in your shoe choices now!

Photo courtesy: Morning Lavender

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