Savvy Christmas Buying Habits

By December 12, 2017Holiday, Shopping
Christmas Savings

With the holidays in full swing, there’s no doubt your wallet is likely feeling the impact. With gifts to buy, parties to attend, and events to host, when you can save money during this time of year, you most definitely want to take full advantage. Unfortunately, though, during this expensive season, there aren’t many retailers who give you the opportunity to do so. You basically have after Thanksgiving on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and then after Christmas on Boxing Day. You will find some retailers who will have various promotions leading up to Christmas, but for the most, the deepest discounts will come after all the gift giving has occurred. So, how then can you save money by buying things after Christmas? It’s simple, really! When you’re making purchases after Christmas, keep the following in mind, and your bank account will surely appreciate the added effort.

Our 5 best tips for saving money after Christmas:

1. Buy Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, cards, and decor essentials after Christmas for the following year

On Boxing Day, there’s many of us who might be inclined to hit up all of our favorite department stores for deep discounts. And, while yes, there are definitely some great deals to be found on all of your favorite fashion and beauty items, you’ll find some of the best deals on Christmas items. Whether it’s festive wrapping paper, holiday greeting cards, or just your standard decorations, retailers will put anything Christmas on major sale after the holiday. This is largely just simply because once Christmas is over, people are no longer looking to purchase Christmas items. Unless you’re a savvy shopper, that is! Our suggestion is that instead of waiting until next Christmas to take stock of what you need, be aware now so that you can shop for the following Christmas, and make use of all those great post-Christmas sales.

2. Be intentional with holiday dresses and footwear

Holiday FootwearImage via Brit + Co

Sounds like a strange piece of advice, but hear us out. Yes, we could simply say that you’ll find dresses and footwear on sale after Christmas. But really, this is kind of a no-brainer. Unless we’re talking about luxury, high-end retailers, almost all shops will have some sort of Boxing Day sale, so really this isn’t revolutionary. We’d like to provide you with a tip that will hopefully be more useful for you when shopping for fashion items on Boxing Day.

While we know you’ll likely have holiday events to attend during this season, and you may want to purchase a new outfit or piece of footwear, our best tip to save money here is to consider shopping for holiday party outfits the year prior. It may seem extreme to plan that far in advance, but if you hit up Boxing Day looking for a great holiday dress, you’ll be thanking yourself the following year. Look for a dress that transcends seasonal trends. A little black dress that can be styled differently for various occasions or a great pair of heels that you know you’ll be able to wear to a wedding or other upcoming formal event are the perfect additions to your wardrobe. This way, you’ll be able to save even more money.

You’re getting to be quite the savvy shopper, aren’t you?

3. Also, make sure to consider winter fashion in general

Holiday Shopping

But hey, maybe you’re not interested in doing your purchasing that ahead of time. No problem. Perhaps you enjoy going Boxing Day shopping, and hitting up all your favorite shops for clothing that you can wear now. Also no problem, but let’s quickly chat about over-purchasing. When you hit the shops on Boxing Day, it can be extremely tempting to buy any and all the fashion items. Trust us, we get it. You see sale signs, you see some of your favorite trends, and suddenly your closet is needing a total revamp. But here’s the deal: when you shop on Boxing Day without knowing specifically what you need, you’re going to end up spending more than necessary. Not to mention, you might even have a tendency to buy fashion you don’t even particularly like, but simply purchase because it’s on sale. Not ideal, ladies. While we definitely encourage making use of all the amazing sales you’ll see on Boxing Day, it’s even more important to be strategic about your Boxing Day shopping. Go into it with a plan in mind, and you’ll likely end up saving money on items that you actually need.

4. Don’t forget your fitness memberships, equipment, and apparel

Exercise Savings

With the new year, this tends to be the time where many people will decide to start focusing on their fitness goals. They might join a gym, look for a new meal plan or stock up on exercise equipment and apparel. You might think because this is the busiest time for fitness retailers that they would increase their prices to make more profit, but you’ll actually find the best deals at this time of year. All of these retailers are competing, and they’ll often decrease their prices and run various promotions in order to appeal to more people. If you’ve been looking to get into shape or increase your health regime, definitely wait to do your shopping until the new year. And yes, that includes waiting on getting those new running shoes you’ve had your eyes on for months. Nothing will motivate you to get to the gym more than a cute new pair of shoes, especially when you know you’ve saved on them.

5. This is by far the best time to shop for electronics

Technology Savings

If you’ve been waiting to buy any electronics, we have good news for you: electronics tend to go down in price after Christmas. While you will find good prices on Black Friday, they likely won’t be as good as they are after Christmas. Often the turnaround for new electronics comes in January so most retailers will begin marking down their electronics right after Christmas to make room for new inventory. Whether you’re in need of a new laptop, you’re looking for a new phone, or you could use some new tech gadgets in your life after Christmas is definitely the best time to stock up and ensure you’re saving the big bucks on your electronics.

While Christmas isn’t over yet, we know there are plenty of you doing your holiday shopping now. There are Christmas gifts to buy, after all. However, if you can avoid it, we highly recommend waiting for some of the above items until after Christmas. While it’s not always possible, we want to make this time of year less stressful on your wallet. Be intentional with your shopping, plan ahead, and be smart. Do all this, and we guarantee you’ll have quite the merry little Christmas. Happy Savings!

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