Shoes and Swimsuits – The Perfect Match

By June 24, 2017Summer
Summer and Swimsuits

No doubt with temperatures rising, you’re more than ready for a pool day. Or perhaps you’re more of a beach baby? No matter the case, summer is here and that means it’s time to cool off and slip into your favorite swimsuit. Here at Unlikely Pear, we know you ladies would agree with us when we say, no matter the occasion, there is always an opportunity to make a fashion statement, right? Of course! We know you don’t want to rock just any look while flaunting your favorite swimsuit, so today we have some amazing swimsuit and shoe combinations for you. You’ll have all the confidence in the world when wearing these combos! Which is your favorite?

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When it comes to spending your day by the pool, you’re likely going to want to wear sandals that you can easily slip in and out of, but if a basic pair of flip flops aren’t really your style, we love the idea of a flat sandal with only one buckle. One buckle should be easy enough to get in and out of, but still gives you a little more of a stylish vibe than if you were to wear just a basic flip flop. Plus, you may be able to loosen your sandal enough that you can slip in and out of the sandal without even having to unbuckle. Our Kalie Sandal would be great for this purpose (pictured below).

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A flat sandal option is also great for the beach. We recommend going with slip ons when headed to the beach, since you’re likely going to be taking your shoes on and off quite a bit, depending on which activities you do during your beach trip. If you know you’ll be leaving the beach on and off during the day, a slip on sandal is definitely recommended, like our Olivia Sandal (pictured below)

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We love the way the Olivia Sandal would look in orange paired with a neutral colored swimsuit, like the trendy black one-piece shown above.

If you want to give off more of a bohemian vibe on your beach day or pool day, our Kamel Tassel Sandal (pictured below) is an option definitely worth considering. Brightly colored, full of tassels, and all the bohemian style you could ask for, this sandal would look great with a bohemian style swimsuit, like some of the examples pictured below. Because of the bright colors, we suggest going with a neutral colored swimsuit in black or white, or opting for a solid color.

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If you have beach parties or pool parties to attend this summer, we know you’ll definitely be considering your shoe options. In most circumstances, we still highly recommend wearing a flat and easy to wear sandal, for convenience. At these types of events, you’re likely to end up barefoot throughout the evening anyway, so being able to slip in and out of your shoes is important. Another great sandal option from Unlikely Pear that will allow for this is our Magdalena Sandal (pictured below).

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Imagine the Magdalena Sandal with the swimsuit shown below. A match made in heaven, right?


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And of course, there will always be the one lady who just can’t go a day without her heels, even when she’s headed to the beach or the pool. Don’t worry, we get you. While it might not be as practical to sport heels at the beach or the pool, it sure is fashionable. We love this look below, and think our Adalyne Wedge Sandal would make a great addition to any swimsuit. Who’s with us?

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So which shoe and swimsuit combo will you be rocking this summer? Are you more a simple shoewear kind of lady, or do you like to go all out with a pair of heels? Whatever way you chose to go, we know you’ll be looking plenty fashionable at all your summer events!

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