Spring 2019 Beauty Trends You Have To Try

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2019 Spring Beauty Trends

Are you ready for fresh skin, rosy cheeks, and shimmering eyeshadows?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you’re going to go absolutely wild for the beauty trends about to make their way onto the scene.

Generally speaking, spring is always a time of clean, fresh, natural beauty, but in 2019, we’re taking all the spring beauty trends we know and love, and we’re giving them an extra dose of eye-popping flair!

Alright, ladies, let’s dive into this, and get you looking and feeling your best for spring. Try out these spring beauty trends for a fresh, springtime appropriate glow:

1. Glitter

Image via Glowsly

You know how we said 2019 is taking our favorite beauty trends, and turning them on their heads?

Well, this trend most definitely exemplifies that idea.

For 2019, take your spring glow to the next level with glitter.

Yes, you read that correctly: glitter.

While you don’t necessarily have to cover yourself in head-to-toe glitter, just a simple shimmery eyeshadow will do when trying to nail this trend. Even just a shimmer lip gloss is perfectly appropriate.

But hey, if you want to go all out with full glitter shadow and lips, go for it! You can’t go wrong with glitter for Spring 2019.

Natural Skin
Image via Vogue UK

Okay, if glitter seems a little too far outside your comfort zone, no problem, because there also some super-natural spring beauty trends popping up in 2019.

In particular, we’re seeing a huge preference for naked, natural skin, with an extra-hydrated glow.

And yes, when we say extra-hydrated glow, we really mean it.

Load up on the serums, book a facial, or just keep your favorite moisturizer nearby at all times. Bottom line: it’s all about natural, (extra) hydrated skin for spring.

3. Romantic Hairstyles

Romantic Hairstyles
Image via Allure

Taking a step away from skincare and makeup, what’s trending in the world of hair?

Well, there’s plenty of hair trends, including pastel hair colors, wind-swept locks, and baby bangs, but one of our favorite hair trends for Spring 2019 is the preference for romantic and fairytale-inspired hair.

Whether it be loose curls pulled up into a half-up-half-down look, a French braid, a trendy chignon, or a ballerina bun, if you’re someone who tends to favor an ultra-feminine look, this is a spring hair trend we highly recommend trying out this season.

In addition, we also want to note if feminine hairstyles are your thing, headbands are right-on-trend, especially bold and dramatic ones that have details like bows, animal print, and even embroidery and sequins. There’s no wrong way to wear a headband this season.

4. Keep Your Brows

Keep Your Brows
Image via InStyle

While big, bushy brows aren’t exactly new in the world of beauty, in Spring 2019, we saw brows get even more dramatic and full. In particular, this season, you’ll really want to highlight your brows by using a highlighter on the brow bone and making your brows go from light to dark.

Put the tweezers away, when it comes to grooming in 2019, we’re all about the boy brow!

5. Bold Shades

Bold Shades
Image via Marie Claire

Whether we’re talking about eyeliner, eyeshadow, or lips, for Spring 2019, the bolder, the better.

This includes dramatic royal blue liners, rainbow-inspired eyelids, neon colored mascaras, and plenty of fun colors on the lips.

In particular, we’re seeing a lot of sunset-inspired shades on the eyes, like pinks, oranges, and even some dramatic yellow. Plus, with the Pantone Color of the Year being Living Coral, experimenting with pink shades is a great idea in our books.

And hey, if you want to experiment with these bold shades, but you want to tone it down a little, monochrome looks are also very in for Spring 2019, meaning you could play with a bold pink on the eyes, and then keep everything else on your face a similar pink shade for a monochrome feel (i.e. similar shade of blush and lipstick).

However you want to experiment with color this season, you’ll be on trend. Guaranteed.

Are you someone who likes to experiment with beauty trends? Or do you more so stick with your tried-and-true favorites?

Regardless, we highly recommend incorporating small elements of these beauty trends into your regular routine. Who knows, you could just stumble across your new favorite look for spring.

Happy spring, ladies!

image courtesy marieclaire.com

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