Studded Menswear-Inspired Shoes for Your Collection

By September 28, 2018Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

Have you been paying attention to all the best footwear trends for the upcoming season?

If you’re anything like us and your obsession for all things shoes is alive and well, then you’re likely all up on what the most stylish looks to wear on your feet are.

So today we wanted to indulge your little shoe addiction, with some style inspiration.

Oh yes, we’re feeding that addiction with five ways you can add studded menswear-inspired shoes to your collection.

If you’re ready for your most stylish fall yet, here are five ways to add studded menswear-inspired shoes to your wardrobe.

1) Try Out Studded Loafers

Studded LoafersImage via ASOS

In recent seasons, we’ve been seeing all things loafers receive some serious attention from fashion lovers.

Whether it be plain black loafers, patterned loafers, or something in leather, there’s no denying that this shoe style has its roots in menswear.

But oh no, that definitely won’t stop us from rocking loafers all season long.

And hey, if you really want to take your love for loafers up a level, we highly recommend picking up a pair done with stud detailing.

Whether it’s just a simple stud detail, or you’re going for something that fully takes advantage of all the studs, like the pair shown above, there’s no mistaking that adding some studded loafers to your collection can really make a statement in your wardrobe.

2) Menswear Dress Shoes

Studded Dress ShoesImage via ASOS

We love a good dress shoe.

But you know what we love even more?

A dress shoe that is unexpected, which is why we love seeing women rock dress shoes that are inspired by conventional menswear styles.

For example, a shiny black dress shoe, done with a heel to give the shoe a feminine edge, is something that we’re guaranteed to be drooling over.

Add in some studs to the look, and this is a shoe that we know will be the star of the show in whatever outfit you’re rocking.

3) Sporty-Casual Style With Sneakers

Studded Sneakers  Image via Amazon

Of course your standard sneaker is not exactly menswear-inspired in the sense that both men and women wear sneakers; however, men tend to rock sneakers on a more regular basis than women, so we’re throwing sneakers into the mix for menswear-inspired shoes.

Of course, if you’ve read any of our articles on athleisure, or on back to school sneakers, you’ll know that we’re all about the sneaker for a look that screams relaxed, casual ease.

However, if you want to take that relaxed look up a level, we highly recommend seeking out some sneakers that are adorned with studs.

This way, not only will you get that casual ease, but you’ll also achieve some edginess with your look.

Not a bad style combo, right?

4) Ultra Edgy Combat Boots With Studs

 Studded Boots

Image via Charlotte Russe

We love a good pair of combat boots for fall.

Not only because of their extreme versatility, but also because of their roots as a menswear-inspired shoe.

With a combat boot, you’re giving off both that masculine vibe, but you’re also getting an edginess that you can’t get with a sneaker or a loafer.

Throw in some studs to your combat boots, and oh boy, you’ve got yourself a combo that’s guaranteed to give your outfit some serious edginess.

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5) Studded Slides

Studded SlidesImage via Lulus

Similar to the loafer, we’re also loving that slides are taking off.

This menswear-inspired shoe is extremely easy to wear, it goes with everything, and has a sense of relaxed ease that you can only get when your shoe is able to slide on and off.

Throw in some stud detailing on top of all that style goodness, and we’ve got no doubts that a pair of studded slides in your wardrobe is one hell of a good investment.

One thing is for certain: Whether you’re into studded menswear-inspired shoes or not, both these style details are right on trend for the upcoming season.

If you’re unsure about the pairing of the styles together, we highly recommend rocking at least one of these styles.

A menswear-inspired shoe, like a loafer or a slide, will become your new best friend.

And studs, whether it’s on a menswear-inspired shoe or not, is almost a guarantee for instant style satisfaction.

So, ladies, tell us, how will you be rocking studded menswear-inspired shoes this season?

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