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Professional Women

When it comes to mixing business and fashion, the struggle can be real. Trust us, we get it: in those more traditional office settings, it’s important to dress professionally, but we also know you want to show off your personal style and great taste. Sound familiar? Yes, we thought so. It’s time to stop questioning how you can achieve the fashion sense of some your business heroes, and instead, start becoming a fashion inspiration yourself. Today we’ll be sharing with you the amazing sense of style from some of our favorite women in business. We’ll also of course share some tips on how you can achieve these styles for yourself. Because yes, with a little help, business and fashion can absolutely go hand-in-hand.

Here are some of our favorite women in business, their style, and some tips to help you achieve that style yourself.

Jessica Pearson (from Suits)

Style: Classic

Professional WomenImage via Pinterest

While she may not be a real person, there’s no denying that the character Jessica Pearson from the hit TV show Suits is probably one of the best-dressed ladies on TV. Seriously, the costume designer on that set certainly knows what’s up in the fashion world.

If you gravitate towards this classic style, this is definitely a character you can learn a thing or two from when it comes to dressing stylishly and professionally for the office. You’ll probably notice that all of this character’s office outfits are higher end, tailored impeccably, and right on trend. So yes, this office style is probably more well suited for the power women who is bringing in some serious cash. However, if this is not you, and you need to be more conservative with your spending, we suggest investing in a few key pieces that can be worn numerous ways. So a high quality black dress that you can style differently with various accessories. Or perhaps a pair of super chic white dress pants that can be styled multiple times throughout the work week.  Spend more on your clothing and then be more cost conscious with your accessories. When your clothing fits well and is made of a higher quality material, it’s just going to look better. Plain and simple.

If this is your style preference, we also suggest mixing the masculine with the feminine. You’ll notice that this character mostly always wears dresses with a killer pair of heels. Everything is always tasteful but still shows off her feminine figure with peplums, pencil skirts, and closely tailored blazers. You’ll notice she often contrasts those feminine details with more masculine ones. For example, a blazer with ruffles that also has a broader shoulder.

Jenna Lyons

Style: Quirky

Image via Racked

But hey, maybe the style of Jessica Pearson is just a little too business-like for you. While you can most definitely appreciate the classic cut, impeccable tailoring, and luxurious details of her style, you’re looking for something a little less restricting, and a lot more fun, right? We totally understand. If you’re more inclined to experiment with your style, you enjoy prints and colors, and you like to stand out from the crowd, then looking to the always impeccably dressed Jenna Lyons should give some major style inspiration for dressing for the office.

How can you get this style for yourself? Well first of all, if this is a style you want to embody, you have to realize you’ll never truly attain this specific style. The style of Jenna Lyons is very specific to her. She is not the kind of fashion icon that can be put into a box. If you want to achieve that too, you have to get serious about really understanding your own personal style, and not trying to exactly copy someone else’s. You can’t be afraid to try trends and to look a little different than what might be the standard: mix prints, wear bold colors, try that trend that you’re perhaps a little unsure of. Sometimes it might not work out, but if you experiment and try new things, trust us, you’ll start creating a reputation for yourself as a true fashion leader at the office.

Rachel Zoe

Style: Bohemian

Image via InStyle

While it would definitely be nice if you could wear all your maxi dresses and peasant tops to work, for most office settings, this just isn’t practical or office appropriate. So does that mean all you ladies who have a bohemian sense of style have to sacrifice your personal taste for the office? Absolutely not! Have you ever seen how amazingly well dressed Rachel Zoe is? She always looks professional, but still gives us that little bohemian flair that we’ve all just come to love about her. Yes, she truly is a fashion master.

So how can you show off your bohemian fashion aesthetic while at the office? The key is to find fashion pieces that have bohemian elements and silhouettes. Look for fringe, loose fitting tops, flowy fabrics, and earthy tone colors. You don’t have to look like you’re about to frolic on the beach in order to achieve a bohemian aesthetic at the office. It’s really just about knowing how to balance professional with bohemian. Oh and of course, when it comes to boho style, there’s no such things as too many accessories. It’s time to pile on the rings, bangles, and statement necklaces, you have a fashion statement to make after all.

So tell us, which of these three ladies’ styles most resonate with you?

We truly believe that when it comes to dressing for the office, it is totally possible to establish a real sense of style, while still looking professional. Seriously, ladies, no matter what your style preference, it all just comes down to balance and knowing when to show off your fashion sense, and when to go with traditional office attire. Do this, and we guarantee you’ll be right on track to emulating the amazing fashion sense of the three women mentioned above. You’ve got this.

image courtesy of Cosmopolitan

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