The Most Useful Transition Pieces – Summer to Fall

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Fall leaves

It’s official: it’s time to start switching your wardrobe over from summer to fall. ‘Cause yup, those leaves are changing, the temps are dropping, and everyone is getting their pumpkin spiced latte fix. But hey, just because we’re having some chillier days lately doesn’t mean the odd warmer day doesn’t get thrown into the mix. So no, it’s certainly not the time to fully break out the wool knits and heavy sweaters just yet. Let’s go over some crucial transition pieces that every lady needs in the forefront of her closet as we change from summer to fall weather.


Transition to Fall Fashion - JeansImage via Just Marvellous

As we all probably know, denim is most definitely a fall staple, so you’re probably wondering which jeans you can get away with for transition weather. The simple answer is without a doubt a great pair of fashion-forward, ankle length, boyfriend jeans. Distressed, light wash, dark wash, whatever your preference, this style of denim is perfect for the summer to fall transition. Why? Well, a boyfriend jean is a looser fit, which is particularly great for those fall days where the sun is hot, hot, hot. We also love ankle length denim, because you can still pair your denim with your favorite summer sandal on hot days, but can throw an ankle boot into the mix on days where the temperature drops. It’s kind of the perfection solution, right?

If you’re interested in seeing what other fall fashion trends you have to look forward to other than denim, make sure to check out our article on Trending Fall Fashion.

Transition to Fall Fashion - JeansImage via Just Add Glam

If a boyfriend, ankle length pair of jeans isn’t really your style, as an alternative, we highly recommend experimenting with white denim and distressed denim. Yup, we’re breaking the silly “no white after labor day” rule. Why these two styles in particular? Well, we love white denim for transition weather because it still has a slight summery edge to it, but you can style white denim to have a fall vibe. Simply pair your white denim with fall essentials (i.e. ankle boots, scarves, bold lips, darker coordinating colors, etc.). Also, distressed denim is a great option for a warmer transition day, because those holes give your legs some breathing room, ensuring you don’t melt into a puddle during a fall heat wave.

Light Cardigans

Transition to Fall Fashion - CardigansImage via Lovely Outfits

Light cardigans are the answer to all your transition weather worries. Easy to style and easy to take on and off, during transitional weather you should pretty much always carry a stylish, light cardigan with you. In particular, you’ll find purchasing ones in neutral colors will likely come in most handy. They can match with really just about anything! Wearing a dress, but finding it gets slightly chilly in the evening? Simply throw a cardigan over it. Stepped outside in just a t-shirt and jeans combo, but finding that fall wind is a little chillier than you’re used to? Your cardigan will come to the rescue! Seriously, no closet is prepared for transition weather without your standard cardigan.


Transition to Fall Fashion - ScarvesImage via Pinterest

Another amazing staple for summer to fall transition weather, you’ll find a scarf just as useful as your cardigan. It’s really just another way to get some warmth on those unexpected chillier days. We suggest something neutral and not too heavy. Perhaps something made in a light cotton? Tie it around your neck in the standard way, or simply throw it over your shoulders as a little blanket of sorts. Having a scarf tucked away in your purse is what all savvy fashion ladies do. Seriously, once transition weather really settles in, you won’t regret it.

Ankle Boots

Transition to Fall Fashion - ScarvesImage via Luvv It

There’s really nothing that screams fall more than classic ankle boots, and you know we’re all about great shoe options here at Unlikely Pear. We specifically recommend investing in a comfortable pair of ankle boots for transition weather largely because you’ll be able to achieve a fall look without going all out. You’ll likely find full-length boots to be too warm for transition weather, but pair your ankle boots with a denim skirt, ankle length jeans, or even a dress, and you immediately have the perfect outfit for the summer to fall transition.

We highly recommend browsing through our current collection of ankle boots. The Shea Grey Bootie, in particular, is an easy-to-wear pair that will match with just about any outfit.

Shea Grey BootieLight Knits

Transition to Fall Fashion - Light KnitsImage via Pinterest

If you’re someone who really likes to start wearing their fall fashion ASAP, we totally understand. There’s nothing more exciting than the prospect of getting to wear new clothes for a new season. If this is you, we highly recommend you wear light knits that are very breathable. While knitwear tends to be associated with cold weather dressing, there are some cases where you can find light knitwear pieces that will keep you cool even on a hot afternoon. Also, be sure to always wear a great layering piece under your knit. This way, if you do find the knit option is too hot, you can easily take it off and have something on underneath. Problem solved.

Do you own all these staple transition fashion pieces? Trust us, you’re going to find having these useful items makes all the difference when you’re dressing for transition weather. These changing temperatures are confusing times; let us make it easier for you with our list of transition weather basics.

What are you waiting for, ladies? It’s time to get shopping!

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