Summer Weekend Getaways

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Summer Weekend Getaways

Everyone’s idea of a weekend getaway is a little different. For some, hopping on a plane for a quick vacation is no big deal. While for others, the idea of air travel for a weekend getaway is avoided at all costs. Regardless of which category you fall into, though, we know you’re probably itching to switch up the routine, get some R&R, and explore new sights. Well, lucky for you, we’ve got a weekend getaway, no matter what kind of traveler you are.

Whether you prefer to keep it simple, or you want to get in as much travel time as possible, here are five ideas for a summer weekend getaway

Try a Staycation

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At one point in your life, you should most definitely try a staycation. Never heard of this term? It’s basically when you take a vacation, but you do so without really leaving your city. Rent a hotel in a fancy part of town, try out a new restaurant, and leave all the work at home. When you do a staycation, you don’t have to move at all, but you’re still getting the feeling of a vacation simply by changing up your routine and treating yourself to some luxury. Think of it this way: instead of spending your money on air travel, you can spend it on a luxurious hotel, book a massage, and treat yourself to dinner. Trust us, once you try a staycation, you’ll fall in love with the idea.

Explore a Nearby City

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Not really into the idea of spending vacation money in a city that you already live in? We totally understand, and that’s why we always recommend exploring a city nearby when booking a summer weekend getaway. For most of us, when we think vacation, we try traveling as far away as possible, but you probably wouldn’t believe how many cool, unexplored cities you have within a couple hours driving distance. This will of course, depend greatly on where you live, but just do a quick Google search, and chances are, you’ll find the perfect spot for you. This also tends to work nicely because a lot of these smaller, unexplored towns are ideally suited for a weekend getaway. They might not have enough to keep you entertained for a full week trip, but for a weekend getaway, a small town is perfect. Small cafes, charming boutiques, and relaxing parks might just be within driving distance. Give it a shot!

Also, if a weekend road trip sounds like your style, don’t forget to check out our tips for packing for a weekend road trip. There’s nothing worse than realizing you forgotten your essentials. We’ve got you covered.

Check out Iceland

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Now, for those of you who are up for a bit more adventure, Iceland is a great spot to check out. While most European cities are longer-haul flights, Iceland is a fairly reasonable flight that you can usually make in 6 hours from many U.S. cities. Not to mention, it’s absolutely gorgeous, has plenty to do, and makes for one hell of a weekend getaway. Check out flights to Iceland, and you might be surprised by how doable this spot is for a weekend getaway.

Hit up Mexico

MexicoImage via Unsplash

And of course, we can’t talk about weekend getaways without talking about Mexico. While a lot of people like to do full week-long vacations in Mexico, if you’re short on time, or you’re just looking to hit the reset button, a quick trip to Mexico to enjoy the beach and a margarita is always a welcomed change. If you’re not into the idea of an all-inclusive resort style getaway, consider looking into a resort beach town like Playa Del Carmen. You’ll have more room for adventure, but there’s still a tourist feel that will make your weekend getaway a true breeze.

Explore A New U.S. City

Explore a US CityHow many of you are signed up to receive notifications for flight deals? While you might feel overwhelmed by adding more notifications to your inbox, this is an idea you probably don’t want to miss out on, especially if you’re looking for weekend getaway ideas. There are constantly cheap flight options going up on these websites, but trust us, they go quickly. You need to be on the ball, and when you are, you’ll be rewarded with a great flight deal, and a new city to explore. Hop on a quick (cheap) flight, and be in a new city for a weekend getaway? Totally doable.

And there you have it: some weekend getaway ideas that we hope will help make this your dream summer. If you need helping packing for an upcoming getaway, feel free to check our tips for packing for a getaway, and remember, in order to enjoy the sunshine and good times, you don’t have to travel far, or spend a lot of money. Sometimes all you really need is a quick weekend getaway.

Happy Travels!

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