What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

By November 18, 2017Fall, Holiday
Happy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving Day slowly looming on the horizon, we figured it was about time we gave you our insight into what we think would be the perfect Thanksgiving Day outfit. Even with all that pumpkin pie and family goodness, we know you still want to be looking like your most fashionable self as we head into the holiday season. Today we’ll share with you some of our favorite outfit inspirations for Thanksgiving Day, and our tips so you can rock all your favorite fall trends. Because yes, fall is slowly coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out with a fashionable bang!

Here are our four best tips for looking and feeling your best on Thanksgiving Day:

1. Keep it Comfortable

As much as you might want to get extra fancy for your Thanksgiving Day outfit, you’ll actually probably find you enjoy your day much more if you keep it comfortable and relaxed. Trust us, you can absolutely still look right on trend while staying as comfortable as possible. Stilettos might not be the best option for Thanksgiving, but how about a cute bootie? Or if you want to be really trendy, we highly recommend our Teddi Crushed Velvet Boots to pack an even bigger punch of fall trendiness.

Of course, always consider the occasion when determining your outfit. If you’re headed to watch football with your family, then a cute pair of jeans and a tee is perfectly appropriate. If you’re headed to a fancy dinner to meet your significant other’s parents for the first time, you can still be comfortable, but you might want to take the chic factor up a level.

Here’s a perfectly appropriate (comfortable, yet still fashionable) outfit for a casual day with family on Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving FashionImage via Elle

While here’s another option that is still equally as comfortable, but is much more appropriate when meeting a new family.. See the difference?

Thanksgiving FashionImage via Elle

2) Dress To Impress

Thanksgiving FashionImage via InStyle

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, we know all you readers are fashionable women. You love style, trends, and putting outfits together. Our advice to you? Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd as the style expert on Thanksgiving. Whether you’re headed home, seeing family, celebrating Friendsgiving, or going out to an upscale restaurant, let your style speak for itself. We know that dressing for a specific occasion can be stressful, especially when seeing family for the first time in possibly multiple years, but never dull yourself down, or worry too much about what everyone else is going to be wearing. If fishnets, turtlenecks, and crushed velvet speaks to you, then wear it! We know you’ll be looking more confident and like yourself when you’re wearing clothing that you feel good in. And trust us, people will notice.

3) Celebrate The Fall Season

Thanksgiving FashionImage via InStyle

Thanksgiving is your last major event in fall because we all know once the turkey is away, the Christmas trees start popping up. And yes, while winter fashion tends to be similar to fall fashion, it’s definitely not exactly the same. There’s just something that every fashion lover understands about fall. It’s a fashion season that completely stands on its down, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to really show off all the things you love about fall fashion: chunky knits, earthy tones, luxurious fabrics, a bold lip, and all the layering. Don’t worry, you won’t be saying goodbye to fall fashion entirely, but we still highly recommend playing up fall trends when dressing for Thanksgiving. It is a major fall holiday, after all.

4) Leave Room for Dessert

Thanksgiving FashionImage via Harper’s Bazaar

We know you get it: Thanksgiving isn’t exactly the time to be conservative with your eating habits. Did we mention pumpkin pie? With whipped cream? Let this be an official statement that no Thanksgiving is complete without pie, and so, we highly recommend picking an outfit that gives you a little room to breathe. Your tight leather pants for Thanksgiving? Probably not the best choice. That bodycon dress that you have to squeeze into? Nope! Not even those jeans that are always a pain to zip up. When it comes to dressing for Thanksgiving, you need to find those fashion pieces that give you that little extra room to breathe. And yes, conceal that food baby. A flowy blouse? Definitely. A wrap dress? Absolutely. Leggings and a tunic? Couldn’t be better. Trust us, when your meal is complete, you’ll be so thankful (pun totally intended).

So, ladies, how will you be spending Thanksgiving? Have you already picked out your Thanksgiving Day outfit? We’d love to hear all about what you’re planning to wear, or what you have worn in the past. Let’s share that fashion love, shall we?

Happy Thanksgiving!

image courtesy of Time Magazine

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