The Best Family-Friendly Spring Break Destinations

Spring Break Destinations

No doubt about it: spring is in the air!

And you know what that means, don’t you?

Yes, spring break is here, and we’re just as excited as you.

Fun in the sun, with no obligations, and just good times relaxing with your friends and family. Sounds pretty ideal, right?

We’d certainly say so, and that’s why, today, we wanted to share some of our favorite cities to visit when looking to book a spring break vacation with your family.

Let us know your favorite spring break destination in the comments below:

1. Oahu, Hawaii

Image via Mini Time

If you’re looking for the ultimate spring break destination that’s full of Vitamin D, white-sand beaches, and all the family fun that you could ask for, we highly recommend doing some research on Oahu.

Oahu is the perfect destination for a family-friendly vacation, not only because you’ll find plenty to do, but the crowds aren’t so large and overwhelming as the larger islands of Hawaii. Surfing, fireworks, delicious restaurants, splash pools for the little ones, and, of course, shopping, Oahu checks all the boxes on a family-friendly spring break vacation.

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2. Orlando, Florida

Image via Travel + Leisure

Probably one of the top destinations for a family-friendly spring break vacation, we couldn’t make this list without including Orlando. And really, we’re sure we don’t have to mention why this is such a popular destination, but for those of you who haven’t checked Disneyland off your bucket list yet, now is the perfect time to bring the kiddos to the most magical place on earth.

While it might not be the most relaxing of vacations, it’s one that we’re certain you’ll create the most memories from. Bring some joy into your life by booking your trip to Orlando today!

3. New York City

New York City
Image via It’s a Lovely Life

If crowds don’t bother you and you’re in the mood for some big-city fun, there’s no better spot to check out than New York City.

With no shortage of things to do, eat, and see, New York City is the ultimate spot to go for an action-packed spring break vacation. Take a stroll in Central Park, hit up some museums, and don’t forget to check out a Broadway show (an absolute must when visiting NYC). Trust us, this is a family vacation that has something for everyone.

4. U.S. Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands
Image via Royal Caribbean

If you’re more so in the mood for beaches and sun, the U.S. Virgin Islands might be the spot for you.

In particular, our favorite of the islands is St. Thomas. With beaches, sightseeing, and shopping all available on this gorgeous island, this is the perfect trip for those looking for a relaxing spring break vacation that’s still packed with fun.

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5. Anchorage, Alaska

Image via Northwest Travel Mag

Switch things up and surprise your family with a spring break vacation to a spot they might have never considered: Anchorage, Alaska.

With some of the most absolutely stunning scenery, whale watching, and exciting biking tours, Alaska is full of wildlife and outdoor fun that’s perfect for the adventurous family.

6. Townsend, Tennessee

Image via Tripadvisor

If you read our article on things to do in Nashville, you’ll know we’re a big fan of Tennessee and all it has to offer.

Having said that, if you’ve already visited Nashville, or you’re looking for something a little more low-key, we can’t say enough good things about Townsend, Tennessee.

While this might not sound like the typical tourist destination, it’s certainly worth checking out for those families who are looking for a relaxing retreat full of fresh air and family fun. Whether it be horseback riding, fly-fishing, or off-roading, there’s no shortage of things to do on this spring break vacation. Not to mention, because this is a less well-known destination, you’ll likely be able to save some money when booking your trip. It’s a win-win!

And there you have it: these are our top picks for spring break destinations that are perfect for families. Plus hey, even if you’re not going with your family, these are still great vacation destinations to check out for those of you might be looking for a more relaxed and low-key spring break.

So, ladies, tell us, what’s your favorite spring break destination? Do you have any must-see spots that you’re itching to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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