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By August 26, 2019Fashion, Trends
Tie-Dye Trend

If you’re a fashion enthusiast who always has her eyes on all the latest fashion trends, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed a new trend popping up – Tie-Dye!

Yes, tie-dye is back in style, and it’s one of the easiest ways to give your outfits a fresh burst of good taste.

Not to mention, it has that super relaxed, effortless, almost-beachy feeling to it.

If you’ve been looking for some easy-to-wear ways to style the tie-dye trend, never fear, we’ve got you covered.

Next time you’re shopping, looking at tie-dye, wondering how to pull it off, use this as inspiration to style your new tie-dye like a total pro:

1. A Tie-Dye Crewneck Sweater

Tie-Dye Sweater
Image via Urban Outfitters

Since we’re coming up on the fall season, we figured we start out by giving you an easy way to add tie-dye into your fall wardrobe: with a crewneck sweater.

A Crewneck sweater has that easy-going vibe, which makes it the perfect piece to have in a tie-dye print.

Not to mention, when it comes to fall style, there’s no such thing as too many sweaters and cozy pieces.

2. A Tie-Dye Denim Jacket

Denim Jackets
Image via Zulily

Speaking of fall style, there’s no more fall appropriate piece than a denim jacket.

Get your denim jacket in a tie-dye print, and you’ll be even further ahead!

Just keep in mind, with tie-dye, there doesn’t always have to be multiple colors involved. You can get a denim jacket in your standard blue, but seek out one done with a tie-dye effect, as shown above. Easy peasy.

3. Handbags and Shoes Count Too

Handbags and Shoes
Image via Saks Fifth Avenue

Don’t forget, with almost any fashion trend involving color, print, or detail, you can always accomplish the trend by paying attention to your handbag and/or shoes.

Tie-dye handbag? Yes, please.

Tie-dye shoes? No objections here.

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4. The Grungy ‘90s Look

Tie-Dye Grunge
Image via Who What Wear

For those of you who have a more edgy style, we wanted to give you a taste of this ‘90s grunge style inspiration since tie-dye tends to fit so well with it.

And hey, if a grungy look isn’t exactly your style, you can always leave the grunge and just go for more of a ’90s feel by wearing acid wash jeans, a boxy cut tee, a trendy scrunchie, and maybe a pair of white booties, as shown above.

5. Dresses Work, Too!

Tie-Dye Dresses
Image via Parker

And lastly, for the girly girls out there, don’t think that tie-dye is only reserved for those who want that grungy ‘90s look.

Tie-dye can really be worn by anyone, with any style preference, including feminine. Simply seek out a figure-flattering dress, done in your favorite color, with a tie-dye effect, and voila! You’ve quickly and easily added the popular tie-dye print into your wardrobe.

Bottom line: if you couldn’t tell, there are endless possible ways to incorporate tie-dye into your everyday wardrobe.

Edgy, girly, sophisticated, and even athleisure can all be accomplished with the tie-dye trend. Simply stay true to your personal style, seek out pieces you love that are done in tie-dye, and you can easily start wearing this trend ASAP.

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