Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Black Friday Deals

By November 21, 2018Holidays, Shopping
Black Friday Tips and Tricks

Who doesn’t love a good sale? We know we do!

And that’s why we’re absolutely obsessed with all things Black Friday. Between getting all your Christmas shopping done, and potentially scooping up some goodies for yourself, Black Friday is an excellent way to save some major cash.

So today we’re going to share some of our best tips and tricks to help ensure you’re making the most of this epic shopping day.

Are you ready to save, save, save?

Use these handy tips and tricks to get the most out of Black Friday:

Make sure you’re signed up for email newsletters

We know it can be frustrating when your inbox is full of promotional marketing materials from all the stores you shop at, but if there’s one time of year where you want those emails, it is most definitely Black Friday.

Not only will these emails inform you of all the best deals so you’re spending your time (and money!) in the rights shops, some shops will actually provide their subscribers with even more discounts!

And hey, if you really don’t want your inbox flooded with email, create a separate Gmail account that’s specifically for when you give your email out to your favorite retailers.

Don’t forget to price check

Check Sales
Just because it’s Black Friday, doesn’t always mean that everything in the store will be on sale.

While most of the time it will be, you can save some major money by price checking other retailers while you’re in the store.

In particular, this tends to be a great tip for purchasing electronics. Simply ensure that the item isn’t available somewhere else for a lower price by doing a quick Google search on your phone. Just be aware that most stores won’t price match on Black Friday, meaning you’ll have to go to the other retailer or order online in order to actually secure the purchase.

Set a budget and stick to it

Set a Budget
Trust us, we get it, it’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of Black Friday and overspend, but when you’re on a budget, it’s important that you stick within your limits.

There’s nothing worse than getting home only to find you doubled what you said you were going to spend.

Prior to shopping, decide exactly how much you’re going to spend, and then take out cash to ensure that you stick to it. In fact, don’t even bring your credit cards with you on Black Friday. This will not only ensure you stay on budget, but you’ll also reduce the amount of impulse buying you do when you only have a predetermined amount to spend.

Shop before Black Friday

Shop before Black Friday
While some retailers will exclusively put their sale on Black Friday, there are definitely other retailers who have the sale going on before the Friday even hits.

This is why signing up for newsletters can be so helpful. In addition, you can also check out social media feeds for the inside scoop on sales.

While this won’t always work, when you are able to snatch up an item without all the Black Friday crowds, it makes your whole shopping experience much more pleasant.

Shopping online is always a great alternative

Online Shopping
While there are cases where certain doorbuster deals will only be available at the physical location, most of the time, online retailers will also have sales extend to their online presence.

Again, sure, you may miss out on those doorbusters sales, but unless you’re willing to get up at the crack of dawn and wait in line, save some of your sanity and shop online.

Focus on Electronics

Electronics Sale
The best Black Friday deals will always be on electronics, so if you want to really get the most use of your time shopping, hit up all the electronic stores.

In addition, since we know many of you are likely fashion lovers, we highly recommend being particular with how you spend your time shopping for clothing and accessories.

While you certainly should be able to score some deals, we suggest not settling for anything less than 40%. And, if you’re shopping for yourself and you’re really looking to score some deals, we’d recommend waiting until January to shop, which is when the best sales tend to occur.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with saving money, especially during this time of year when spending tends to increase.

Use some of these tips from above, and we’ve got a feeling your bank account will be thanking you.

And hey, if you need even more tips for spending wisely during the holiday season, be sure to check out this post on savvy Christmas buying habits.

As always, we’ve got your back.

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