How to Transition Your Outfit From Day to Night

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How many times have you been at the office all day, and then the work days comes to a close and you’re jet setting across the city to get to your next event? Maybe for after work drinks, or a date perhaps? There really aren’t enough hours in a day, and when this does happen, do we really have time to get home and totally change our look? Probably not. So today, we’re showing you 4 easy ways that you can transition from day to night seamlessly. Don’t you worry, we’re going to get you to that event looking fresh, put together, and not like you just spent the day hustling hard at the office.

Let’s get into this!

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

This little tip might seem obvious, but trust us, it’ll make all the difference. When you’re rushing to get ready for work in the morning, how often do you skip a step in your regular routine in order to save some time? Maybe you don’t apply your eyeshadow as you normally would? Perhaps you skip the stilettos for the sake of comfort? Or it’s very possible it’s easier to opt for your glasses instead of contacts. But here’s the deal: when you know you have an event to attend immediately after your work day, it’s important to plan ahead. This means setting your alarm a little earlier than you normally would. This way you have extra time to get ready and you’re not skipping steps.

And hey, let’s remember, it’s 2017, ladies, and that means office style does not have to equal boring style. If you didn’t get the chance, read our post on dressing for the office. Since office style can be so fashion forward, it’s easy to dress for both the office and for evening events. The transition can be seamless, but it does mean making sure you’re prepared in the morning and giving yourself enough time to put together an evening appropriate look that still works for the office. Here are some great examples of outfits that can easily be transitioned from day to evening.

Day to Night FashionImage via Pinterest

To take this look to evening simply add a piece of statement jewelry, unbutton the blouse a little for a less corporate feel, and perhaps swipe on a little lipstick to amp this look up.

Day to Night FashionImage via Fashion Enzyme

If you plan ahead enough, with an outfit like this, you don’t even have to transition it at all. This outfit works great for both day and night!

Day to Night FashionImage via Banana Republic

Take this look to evening by adding a statement necklace on top of the turtle neck, a trendy clutch, and a pair of black stilettos.

Tip #2: Change At The Office

There are of course certain looks that you’re going to want to wear for a night on the town that are just not appropriate for the office, no matter what you do. But hey, when it’s Friday night and it’s time to unwind, you might want to incorporate some bolder choices into your look. So, what’s the solution when you need to quickly transition? Have a backup outfit with you in the office. Maybe this means keeping those strappy stilettos in your bottom desk drawer so they are always ready to go. Or hey, if you follow Tip #1, plan ahead and bring that evening outfit to the office with you. We wouldn’t suggest showing up to the office toting your entire closet, but if replacing your day outfit is going to make you feel your best, then do it! It might take a little longer and might require some more thoughtful planning ahead of time, but feeling like your best self is what is most important!

Day to Night FashionImage via Glaminati

Tip #3: Start With A Base And Add To It

One super simple way to amp up your look when transitioning from day to evening is to just add to your outfit. Start your day by wearing your “base outfit.” Perhaps this means a great fitting blouse, pencil skirt, and trench coat. Very sensible, right? Well, you can easily take this look to the evening by adding just a couple elements. Throw on some statement earrings, get your hair out of that bun, replace your sensible pumps with some strappy stilettos, and add some Barbie pink lipstick (bright pink is right on trend for summer). And there you go: you’re ready for your evening with just a couple quick additions.

Day to Night FashionImage via Gal Meets Glam

Layer, Layer, Layer

And lastly, if we could recommend only one tip to you that would help you seamlessly transition from day to evening, it would be to layer. You know that sleeveless black dress that is an appropriate length for the office, but the sleeves just don’t feel right and the neckline is too low? Well, you can still wear this dress to the office, but to make it more office appropriate, simply layer it with a blazer or cardigan. If the neckline of the dress isn’t feeling appropriate, all you have to do is button up the cardigan. Then, once the work day is over, simply say goodbye to that extra layer and you’ve got yourself a dress that works for the evening. Think about it: you probably have a handful of tops and dresses that only require a cardigan to make them more office appropriate.

Day to Night FashionImage via Daily Chic

This more evening appropriate look can easily be made into an office day look. How? Pull the hair up into a sensible ponytail, put on some stud earrings, add a blazer, and voila, you have a perfectly appropriate office look!

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