Transitioning Your Summer Fashion to Fall Fashion

By August 29, 2017Fashion, Lifestyle
Fall Fashion

We’ve likely all experienced the dreaded transition time between summer and fall fashion seasons. You know, those days where you’re wanting to go for the full fall outfit with a sweater and boots, but by mid-afternoon, your body temperature has reached new heights, and you’re seriously questioning your decision-making skills. Been there, done that. With August slowly closing out, it’s time to start thinking about how you can adapt your summer wardrobe to suit the fall season, and luckily we’re here to tell you exactly how you can make this transition a cinch.

Layer, Layer, Layer!

Fall LayersImage via Pinterest

If we could only give you one trick to make the fall to summer transition easier on you, it would most definitely be to make sure you’re layering your clothing. Wanting to wear that cute fall sweater you just purchased? No problem, just make sure you’re wearing a light t-shirt underneath for when that sun starts testing you. For an even easier layering piece, we highly recommend a denim jacket. There’s nothing that screams fall more, plus they’re extremely easy to incorporate into an outfit, look trendy and fashionable, and work for various occasions.

All About The Ankle Boot

Ankle BootImage via Just Marvelous  

When it comes to your footwear choices during the summer to fall transition, it can definitely be tempting to pull out all your favorite boots. Trust us, we get it, those over-the knee boots that would look great with your favorite denim are just screaming your name, but you also have to trust us when we say transition weather can be very unpredictable. Boots may seem like a good idea in the morning when the air is still chilly, but when you head out on your lunch break and you’re hit with a blast of hot air, you’re going to wish you opted for something a little more weather appropriate.

The solution? It’s time for a compromise. Instead of wearing riding boots or over-the-knee boots, what if you started slowly with a pair of ankle boots? This way your legs have some breathing room, but you’re still incorporating fall fashion into your look. Your best bet will be to look for an open toed bootie (aka a hybrid between a sandal a boot). Your body temperature will thank you.

The Dress & Boots Combo

Dress & BootsImage via Spot Pop Fashion

Having said that, if you just can’t help yourself and you need to start pulling out your boots, then we highly recommend pairing them with a dress or skirt. Again, transition weather is all about compromise. You’re still getting to wear your boots and give your outfit a little bit of fall flair, but you’re ensuring you’ll be able to make it through your day comfortably. Just remember, pairing an overt summer dress with fall boots is probably not your best option here. If you’re going to use this tip, find a dress that doesn’t scream summer. That tropical, floral print with a pair of fall boots? No way. A nice, neutral dress with a pair of boots? Yes, please.

Darker Colors Please

Dark ColorsImage via Style Tips and Ideas

One easy way to start getting into the fall groove is to simply start incorporating darker colors into your wardrobe. Swap out a pair of white jeans, for a pair of black jeans. Or if you’re itching to wear hot pink statement earrings, why not look for something in a deep magenta instead? Even just wearing a handbag in a fall color will help you feel more fall appropriate without turning you into a sweltering mess.

Consider Your Beauty Routine 

Beauty RoutineImage via Postris

Yes, the easiest way to feel like you’re transitioning from summer to fall is to change up your wardrobe, but if the temperatures are just not cooperating, consider switching up some of your beauty routines to get that fall feeling. Instead of coral nails, opt for a burgundy polish. Instead of a light lip gloss, start adding back deeper, richer lipsticks into your beauty routine. Have an upcoming hair appointment? Consider going a shade darker than normal, and be sure to get your dead end trims to rid yourself of any sun damage your hair might have experienced from those hot summer days. These simple changes will have you feeling fully prepared once those temperatures really do start dropping.

Maybe your love for cool breezes, knit sweaters, and pumpkin flavored drinks runs deep, or perhaps you’re more inclined to lounge by the pool and soak up those sun rays for as long as you can. Whatever the case, there’s no denying the seasons will change, fall will come, and our fashion choices must adapt. Follow the tips from above for a smooth transition from summer to fall.

How fashionably will you be heading into the fall season?

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