Upcoming 2018 Fall Fashion Trends

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Shaggy Coat

Who else is entirely shocked that summer is slowly coming to a close? We know we are, but with new seasons come new fashions, and there’s nothing we love more than fresh styles and wardrobe updates – like these 2018 fall fashion trends.

Are you with us?

If you’re a fashion lover, we’ve got a feeling you’re already itching to get your hands on some new fall fashions, so today we’re going to go over some of the top fall fashion trends that we’re seeing for the upcoming season.

It’s time for your most stylish fall yet. Here are the top fall fashion trends that we highly recommend trying out ASAP:

Bringing Back The ‘80s

80s FashionImage via Elle

If you’ve been loving all the throwbacks to the ‘80s in recent seasons, you’ll be pleased to know that this trend is living on. In particular, for fall, we’re seeing plenty of broad-shouldered blazers, slinky styles that resemble slips dresses, stirrup pants, white boots, rainbow tights, and over-the-top styling. Trust us, for Fall 2018, there’s no such thing as being too dramatic. Dress up your looks, mix your patterns, opt for bold color, and never be afraid to layer on the costume jewelry.

Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!

Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!Image via Vogue

Speaking of over-the-top style, this season you can go all out with your sparkle. And no, we’re not talking about those simple sequins that we’ve seen in past seasons. Instead, we’re talking about bold, diamond-inspired styles. Whether it be dresses, tops, or skirts, if it sparkles and shines bright like a diamond, it’s totally appropriate for the Fall 2018 season.

Living Large

Living LargeImage via Vogue

If you think you’ve seen oversized style before just wait until you see what is coming in hot for Fall 2018. Because oh yes, the styles of this upcoming season are all about the oversized silhouettes. You certainly don’t have to go as avant-garde as this piece from Edwin Mohney (shown above), but basically, if it’s large and oversized in a noticeable way, it’s a silhouette that you’ll want to be rocking.

Say Hello To The Shaggy Coat

Shaggy CoatImage via Fashion Tag

Each season there’s usually one style that really makes a statement across the board, and the shaggy coat is it for Fall 2018. Whether it be long and oversized, or it is something cropped, if it’s shaggy and dramatic, you’ve found your go-to coat for the season.

Logos Stay Strong

Logo FashionImage via Footwear News

If you’ve been stocking up on all your logo branded merchandise, you’re in luck, because this trend is staying from seasons past. In particular, we saw Versace really play up their branded merchandise for Fall 2018. So go ahead, stock up on all the logos, and you’ll fit right in for fall.

Neon Makes a Statement

NeonImage via Fashionista

Like we’ve said, that ‘80s, over-the-top styling is really having a moment for Fall 2018, and yes, we’re seeing this come through in the form of bold, neon colored garments. Go for neon green, or play it up with neon pink, for fall 2018, you don’t have to stick with your typical earth and jewel tones. This fall, it’s all about the neon.

An Old Favorite: Plaid

PlaidImage via A Cup of Style

If all this bold, over-the-top styling has you a little worried, it’s time for some reassurance. Your typical plaid is a fall fashion favorite that’s getting some noticeable attention for this upcoming season. It can be a plaid trench coat, or something more warm for the chilly winter months, either way, if you’re rocking plaid for fall, you’ll be on trend. And hey, it helps that plaid is an old fall favorite, and you likely already have some hiding in the back of your wardrobe, right?

The Prairie Dress

Prairie DressImage via Elle

If plaid made you happy, you’ll also likely take some comfort in a more toned-down fall trend: the prairie dress. Perfect for frolicking in a field, this bohemian style is the ideal breezy silhouette that will make you both look and feel great.

Basically, what it all comes down to for Fall 2018 fashion is overdramatic, over-the-top style. You can be bold, playful, and experiment with your style with no reservations.

Sounds like a pretty exciting time in fashion to us. Who agrees?

What fall fashion trends will you be implementing for the new season? Will you stay more classic with your plaid, or are you going to be more experimental with ‘80s styling and neon colors?

image courtesy of vince.com

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