How To Wear The Pom-Pom and Tassel Trend On Your Feet

Pom-Pom Sandal Style

We get you. You’re always searching for the trendiest way to adorn your feet. Are we right? We figured. So today, in order to help you on your quest to having the best-dressed feet in town, we’re going to show how you can wear one of the latest trends in footwear: the pom-pom and tassel trend.

Chances are, you’ve seen someone sporting this trend, and maybe you felt like it just wasn’t something you could pull off. We admit, adorning your feet with so much embellishment, can be slightly intimidating. Or perhaps you feel like the pom-pom and tassel trend just doesn’t fit with your personal style. Well, we’re going to prove you wrong.

Classy night out on the town? Bold fashionista with a desire to make a statement? Don’t worry, no matter your style preference, you can easily wear the pom-pom and tassel trend on your feet!

Keep your outfit simple and your pom-poms bright and colorful

If bold, bright, and colorful speaks to your soul, then you’ll have no problem wearing the pom-pom and tassel trend, especially in the warmer months. One of the most popular ways to wear this trend is to get yourself a pair of bright and bold sandals, full of all the pom-poms and tassels your heart desires. Go for all pom-poms, all tassels, or go all out with a mixture. We love our Adriana Sandal for getting that bold mixture of tassel and pom-poms, but think our Kamel Tassel Flat Sandal is equally perfect for adding a pop of color to your outfit. When it comes to pom-poms and tassels, the more the merrier; however, we do suggest, when rocking such a bold statement on your feet, keep your outfit more on the neutral side. Perhaps your favorite white sundress, or a basic tee paired with classic denim shorts? Let your shoes be the star of the show here!

Left to right: Adriana Sandal, LuLus, Kamel Tassel Flat Sandal

Make a statement with your outfit and keep your tassels/pom-poms neutral

Maybe the idea of being all neutral up top just isn’t your style, or maybe you’d like to try out this trend in a more subtle way. No problem, switch it up and make the trend work for you! As all you fashion-forward ladies know, there are no rules when it comes to personal style. You can wear your favorite neon green top, or bold print shorts, or simple grey midi-dress, and then get yourself a pair of neutral shoes with pom-poms and/or tassels. This way, you can keep in line with your personal style, but still try out this trend. We love our Kariba Cage Sandal or the Kaia Ghillie Lace-up Heel for great neutral sandals with a simple tassel embellishment. Black, white, beige, brown, no matter which neutral shade you go for, we know you’ll get plenty of use of your new tassel footwear!

Left to right: Kaia Ghillie Lace-up Heel, Fox and She, Kariba Cage Sandal

Tassels can act a classy embellishment on any heeled shoe

And hey, maybe you’re not really a sandal sort of lady. Perhaps most days you’re either dressed for a day at the office or you have an evening event coming up, you can still easily incorporate the pom-pom and tassel trend into any sophisticated outfit. We love the idea of one simple, classy tassel on a great pair of pumps, like our Centella Heel in black or purple. Even a pair of high heeled loafers with a single tassel front and center will do the trick. Trust us, we get it, it might be a bit much to walk into the office with brightly colored pom-poms and tassels covering your feet, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun of trying the pom-pom and tassel trend.

Left to right: Cantella Heel (black), Harpers Bazaar, Cantella Heel (purple)

There’s a shoe style for everyone

We’ve shown you plenty of options for wearing the pom-pom and tassel trend with sandals and heels, but what if you’re more into flats or a great pair of boots? No problem, you can still wear this trend. Check out all these options from these fashion-forward style influencers!

Left to right: Kendi Everyday, Sweenee Style, Song of Style, Suburban Faux-Pas

So, did we prove you wrong?

Do you feel more confident in your ability to rock the pom-pom and tassel trend on your feet?

We hope so! Because truly, there’s a style of shoe out there for any woman with any style preference to give this trend a try. Bold, neutral, minimal, classy, sophisticated? The pom-pom and tassel trend does not discriminate. Make this trend work for you, and you’ll have everyone admiring your great taste in shoes. Guaranteed.

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