We’re In Love With Crushed Velvet

By September 20, 2017Fashion
Crushed Velvet

When you hear the words velvet and fashion together, what do you think? Do you have flashbacks to the ‘90s? Perhaps you think of evening dresses? Or maybe when you think of velvet, you don’t even think of fashion at all. Maybe velvet is something you associate more so with home decor. Well, whatever your association, it’s time to clear the air and get on board with the velvet trend. Or more specifically, the crushed velvet trend, because yes, crushed velvet is going to be one of the biggest fashion trends for Fall 2017.

Crushed VelvetImage via Pinterest

So first off, what is crushed velvet? Typically, when you think of velvet, you probably think of an extremely smooth, very specific texture. With crushed velvet, while you’ll still get the same feeling if you run your hand over it, it’s somewhat different because of the more textured look you get visually, as shown below.

For all you ladies who like to follow the latest fashion trends, take notes: velvet is in!

Crushed VelvetImage via @soheatherblog

Notice how your standard velvet has an all over sort of sheen, while crushed velvet has a much more textured sheen that isn’t as uniform. When compared, the difference between velvet and crushed velvet should be fairly obvious, so this fall, while you’re out doing your shopping, try and stick with crushed velvet. While your basic velvet can be stunning, we know crushed velvet will be the true star of the show this fall.

Okay, so now that you know crushed velvet is in, you might be asking yourself, so what exactly does one wear with crushed velvet?

Well, the trend is actually relatively easy to wear. You can find crushed velvet in pretty much every form: jackets, dresses, tops, pants, even shoes! If you’re unsure of the trend, start with a smaller fashion accessory like a clutch or a pair of ballet flats. If you find the crushed velvet trend works for you and your personal style, upgrade to something that makes a bigger statement, like a jacket or a dress.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when testing out the crushed velvet trend for Fall 2017:

1) It’s All About Balance

Crushed VelvetImage via Polienne

While for some it’s easy to take a trend and run with it full force, we suggest not getting too carried away with this trend in particular. Crushed velvet can be a fairly overpowering fabric and texture. It’s not your standard cotton, that’s for sure. If you try crushed velvet with a top, for example, we wouldn’t suggest then pairing the top with crushed velvet boots. The effect might be just a little too overpowering. Instead, just like when putting together any outfit, it’s all about finding the balance between the more standout pieces and the more subtle pieces. When you balance your outfits, that’s when they tend to look much more thought out and put together. But hey, if you’re known for your bold fashion choices, then go for it. As we all know, there are no rules when it comes to fashion.

2) Crushed Velvet and Leather Always Go

Crushed VelvetImage via Forever 21

There’s just something about the pairing of crushed velvet and leather that will always work. Together, the pairing gives a very cool, somewhat edgy vibe to an outfit. If that’s your style then this is most definitely your pairing. A crushed velvet dress, a leather jacket, and a pair of knee-high boots? We guarantee everyone will be envying your amazing sense of style.

3) Know Your Personal Style

Crushed VelvetImage via Shein

There are basically two categories that crushed velvet can fall into flashback ‘90s fashion or modern and sophisticated fashion. With vintage fashion being so popular these days, really, whether you want the modern look or the more “vintage” look, both can make for an amazing fashion statement. However, in order to achieve the look you want, you have to be well aware of your personal style. If you tend to gravitate towards more modern and elegant looks, try crushed velvet but keep your accessories minimal, as shown above. If you want more of that ‘90s look, play up your accessories, wear a bold lip, and go for a more edgy vibe. Either way, we know you’ll look amazing rocking your crushed velvet.

We’re absolutely obsessed with this trend for fall! There’s just something about such a luxe fabric that seems absolutely perfect for these cooler months. Whether this particular trend is for you or not, there’s no doubt you can appreciate such a stylish statement. Trust us, we guarantee you’ll be sitting it everywhere this fall, so it’s time to embrace it! Velvet is here to stay.

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