What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway

We all know summer is the absolute ideal time to pull out that dusty luggage you’ve had sitting in the back of your closet. The sun is shining, and that means hitting the road for a fun weekend getaway. Whether that means camping with the family, a spa retreat with your girlfriends, or an adventurous road trip with your husband, whatever type of weekend getaway you’re headed on, there are a couple essentials you’re going to want to bring on your vacation.

Pack Extra Comfortable Pajamas

Weekend Pajamas

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Regardless of what kind of trip you’re going on, you’re going to need your pajamas, and since this is a weekend getaway, we’re going to assume you want to be extra comfortable. Look for pjs that are soft, breathable, and fit appropriately. A tank top and short set is great, especially if you can find something in a light cotton. You’re already sleeping in an unfamiliar place, so let’s not make sleep anymore difficult by packing uncomfortable pjs, okay?

Don’t Forget To Pack a Sensible Purse

Weekend Getaway

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When you’re packing for a weekend getaway, it’s easy enough to either overpack or underpack. This certainly applies to the amount of items you might try cramming into your purse. Having said that, though, when you’re visiting a new area during your getaway, you want to make sure you have a decently sized purse with you so you can bring everything you need if you go out exploring. We highly recommend a crossbody bag in the mid-size range. Remember, the point isn’t to use your bag to bring your entire life with you, just what you need.

No Packing is Complete Without Your Shoes

Weekend Shoes

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Every woman who has ever packed for any type of vacation has probably struggled with the dilemma of deciding on what shoes to bring. You go between packing for comfort and packing for style, and boy, let’s not even get into trying to pack to match the outfits you have in mind. One tip we can provide to help narrow down your shoe options is to opt for neutral picks that will match with a variety of outfits, so shoes in black, white, nude, grey, or brown.

Be realistic with yourself on what kinds of shoes you’ll need based on the vacation you’re taking. If you’re headed camping with the family, pack in terms of sensibility and comfort. If you’re headed on a romantic getaway with your husband, pack in terms of style.

One type of shoe you’ll probably need regardless of what kind of trip you’re taking is a good travel shoe, because yes, there is such a thing as a travel shoe. This is your “comfortable, easily slides on and off” shoe that you can wear around the hotel, to the beach or pool, to walk down to the lake, or to chill at the campground. Regardless of the getaway, the travel shoe is needed. Our Olivia Sandal is a great option here (pictured below).

Olivia SandalShop the Olivia Sandal

Pack Sunscreen. Always.


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Whether it’s winter or summer, it’s always important to never travel without SPF, but it becomes even more important when you’re planning a weekend getaway during these summer months. Unless you’re planning on being indoors for the duration of your trip, your skin deserves your attention, even on a short weekend getaway. This becomes even more important if you’re going to be at the beach, lake, or pool during your trip.

You’ll need these accessories

Weekend Accessories

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Regardless of where you’re going, unless you’re nocturnal, you will need your sunglasses. You’re also probably going to want a hat to keep you cool. Not to mention, hats are a great fashion statement that can help hide your hair when washing it becomes too much work. Also, when you’re only going to be gone for a weekend, we suggest keeping your jewelry to the bare minimum. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination, only to find that all the jewelry is tangled up together. We suggest simple, minimalist jewelry that you can actually wear while you travel. If you absolutely must pack more jewelry, try to keep it to one extra piece, but for a quick weekend getaway, you should be able to wear all that you would need.

Weekend Luggage

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You’ll notice we didn’t get into clothing with this little packing essentials lists, and we’re sure you know why. Your clothing is going to be totally dependent on the kind of weekend getaway you’re headed to. You’ll have to consider things like the activities you want to do, the weather, and the people you’re traveling with. One thing is for sure: bring what you’re going to be most comfortable in that makes you feel most like yourself. If that means cotton dresses and flip flops, go for it, but also don’t be afraid to rock some wedges with a maxi dress. One way or another, we hope you enjoy your weekend getaway and feel confident in your packing choices!

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