What To Wear For The Fourth of July

Fourth of July

A warm summer night, fireworks, BBQs, and all your loved ones.

Sound familiar?

Yes, it’s that time of year. It’s time for the summer holiday that we all look forward to most: The Fourth of July!  And we had a feeling with this patriotic holiday quickly approaching, all you fashion conscious ladies would be itching to put together your Fourth of July look.

So let’s talk all things red, white, and blue, shall we?

Here are five Fourth of July outfits that we know will work perfectly for the big day.

Let’s dive in!

A Red, White, and Blue Dress

Red, White, and Blue DressImage via Cosmo

Let’s start off easy.

One of the simplest ways to get yourself a patriotic look is to pick up a dress that already has red, white, and blue in it.

Can you find one in red, white, and blue stripes? Even better! Nothing screams Fourth of July more than red, white, and blue.

And hey, if you’re having a difficult time locating that perfect red, white, and blue dress, you should easily be able to find something either white and blue striped, or red and white striped. You can then simply accessorize the look with the missing color.

So simple, and yet so ideal for a festive Fourth of July event.

Denim Cutoffs and an American Flag Tee

Denim ShortsImage via Modern Vintage Boutique

Keeping with that same casual vibe, we’re all about a pair of denim cutoffs and a graphic American flag t-shirt.

The pairing screams casual BBQ, while still being versatile enough to dress up or down. Go for a denim skirt, if that’s more your style, pair it with strappy black heels if you have a night on the town planned, or throw on some white sneakers and a ponytail if you want to keep it easy breezy.

However you wear this pairing, it’s time to say hello to your new quintessential Fourth of July outfit.

And for more denim trends that you can wear with your graphic tee, be sure to check out our article on the biggest denim trends of 2018.

Gingham and White Shorts

Gingham and White ShortsImage via Carrie Bradshaw Lied

For the same kind of look that doesn’t require a flag t-shirt, why not give some blue gingham and white shorts a try?

Pair it with red lipstick, dress it up with heels, or down with sneakers, and voila! You’re set for your Fourth of July.

Oh, and ladies, don’t be afraid to try new styles and trends. We love the idea of wearing a trendy necktie to bring in some red flavor to your look, as shown above. It’s different and separates you from the crowd, but still remains casual and totally wearable.

So go ahead, be the fashion star of the Fourth of July.

A Blouse + A-Line Skirt

A Blouse and A-Line SkirtImage via Pink Peonies

So we’ve given you some casual looks, but what if you’re really hoping to bring the wow factor to your outfit this Fourth of July?

No worries. We’ve got you covered.

With this blouse and A-line skirt pairing, you can easily decide which colors and patterns you best prefer, but in general, this is a pairing you can almost never go wrong with when looking for a flattering silhouette.

Go for a blue skirt, and red and white blouse.

Switch it up with a bright red blouse and white lace skirt.

Or even go for an all-white look, and bring in a pop of blue with your shoes, and a dash of red with your lipstick.

Your options are endless with this pairing, but always flattering and on point.

For you ladies with big Fourth of July plans on the horizon, we think a pairing like this could be your best bet.

Red, White, and Blue Swimwear

Red, White, and Blue SwimwearImage via Stylecaster

And, of course, we can’t talk about Fourth of July outfits without chatting about the perfect swimwear pieces for the event.

It is a summer holiday, after all, and that means days at the beach, by the pool, or chilling at the cottage.

Either way, Fourth of July swimwear is a necessity in the closet of every lady.

You can opt for the quintessential red, white, and blue bikini or even just a striped red and white one-piece should do the trick. Pair it with denim cutoff, and you’ll be all set to enjoy your day by the water on the Fourth of July.

So ladies, tell us, how do you plan on spending your Fourth of July?

While it’s not always necessary to go with a full red, white, and blue outfit, we think you’ll love the idea of adding a little dash of something patriotic to your look.

Go all out, or keep it simple. Either way, you’re going to be rocking one hell of a Fourth of July outfit.

image courtesy of  Fairfax, VA.

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