What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

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Winter Wedding

When we think of a wedding, we often think of sunshine filled days, flowers, and warm weather. However, this isn’t all brides’ dream wedding scenario.

For some, they’re all about getting married in a picture-perfect winter wonderland. With snowy backdrops, toasty warm reception halls, and delicious comfort food, we can see the appeal of a frosty wedding.

Having said that, as the guest of a winter wedding, it can be hard to determine what you should wear.

You don’t want to freeze, of course, but you also can’t show up in your favorite cozy boots, leggings, and a fleece hoodie, now can you?

Of course not! And that’s why, today, if you have a winter wedding on the horizon, we’re going to share with you some outfit ideas that you can rock at your next winter wedding.

You ready for all the style goodness! Let’s chat, ladies.

1. Sport Some Fur

Winter Wedding

Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

Real fur or not, there’s one winter wedding style trend that always works: fur.

While you’re not going to wear your fur all throughout the evening, there’s nothing that feels more glamorous and winter appropriate than fur.

Plus, with your fur on, you can wear any of your strappy cocktail dresses, and not feel like you’re going to come down with pneumonia.

For the ultimate drama factor, we suggest either a black or red cocktail dress, paired with dramatic jewelry.

If you’re going to rock some fur, you might as well play up the glam factor, right?

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2. Winter Florals

Winter Florals

Image via The A List

When we think of florals we’re often reminded of spring and summer, but don’t forget that florals can also be a great style statement for winter if you know what you’re looking for.

For winter florals, seek out designs that are done in darker colors, like plum, forest green, raspberry, royal blue, black, navy, etc.

No blush pink or baby blue when it comes to a winter wedding. But florals? Yup, when you seek out winter florals, this makes for a great style statement.

3. A Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Image via Carrie Bradshaw Lied

When in doubt about what to wear to a winter wedding, you can never go wrong with a little black dress.

Pair it with your favorite strappy black heels, opt for a pop of color, or even rock a bootie, if the dress style allows for it.

No matter what the season, a little black dress is always appropriate.

Bonus points if you sport your LBD with some fur.

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4. A Jumpsuit


Image via @emilyschuman

One of our favorite options for what to wear to a winter wedding comes in the form of a jumpsuit.

We love jumpsuits not only because they will likely keep you warmer than a dress, but also because they are super chic, trendy, flattering, and unique.

You might be the only lady wearing a jumpsuit at the wedding, but, trust us, once everyone sees how good you look, they’re going to want to wear one themselves.

5. Focus on Color

A little color

Image via Lulus

Really, when it comes to deciding what to wear to a winter wedding, it all boils down to color.

You can go with any style of dress that you want, even something sleeveless since you’ll likely be indoors during the reception.

So, instead of focusing on dress style, focus on dress color. It’s the color that will likely give the dress its winter edge.

And, just as with our winter florals, winter-appropriate colors tend to be darker shades, like navy blue, raspberry, and forest green.

6. Consider Accessorizing and Beauty Routine

Beauty Routine

Image via Elforel

While what you wear to a wedding is obviously important, it’s just as important to consider your accessories and your beauty routine.

For a winter wedding, we’re all about glamorous looks. While a spring or summer wedding might be more about fresh styles and minimalism, we think a winter wedding is a perfect time to bring the drama.

Add a statement-making necklace, go for a bold red lip, and don’t be afraid to throw on a sequin purse.

While all eyes might be on the bride, it doesn’t hurt to add your own little dramatic flair.

7. Don’t Dismiss Tights


Image via Pinterest

While not every lady likes wearing tights, when it comes to a winter wedding, we highly recommend it.

Not only will it make your outfit look more winter appropriate, but it will also keep you warmer while giving you a chic and sophisticated feel.

Trust us, when paired with a black pump, black tights can elongate the leg, hide paleness, and make your look more complete.

To us, tights for a winter wedding are a no brainer.

Will you be using any of these ideas for your next winter wedding?

We hope they’ve inspired you so can both look and feel your absolute best as you witness this romantic and love-filled day.

Enjoy! And keep warm.

image courtesy of The Knot

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