Where to Spend New Year’s Eve

By December 21, 2017Holidays, Travel
Where to Spend New Year's Eve

Nobody enjoys the low that inevitably appears after Christmas has come and gone. We spend so much time anticipating this one day of the year that it always seems a little anticlimactic once it passes. But never fear! After all the gifts have been opened, the carols were sung, and the pie consumed, there’s still New Year’s Eve to get excited about. Sparkles and all things glamorous, ringing in the New Year certainly brings plenty of good feelings. And yet, with your mind so preoccupied with Christmas, perhaps you’ve forgotten to make New Year’s plans. Totally understandable. This is a busy time of year, after all, but luckily we have you covered. Here are some of our top picks for places to spend New Year’s Eve.

1) At a Friend’s House

New Year's at a friend's house

Trust us, if you’ve forgotten to make New Year’s plans, there’s also a good chance that you have a friend or two who have forgotten we well! Perhaps there’s even a whole group of you who don’t have plans. Why not try doing something together? You can either keep this very simple and casual, with a few close friends. Or you may just find a friend who steps up to the plate and hosts a large gathering. Here are some ideas for what a group of friends can do on New Year’s Eve:

  • Order a pizza and have a casual game night
  • Cook a gourmet dinner as a group
  • Enjoy a potluck, where everyone brings their favorite dish
  • Have a movie night with all the fixings (popcorn, candy, soda, etc.)
  • Host a large gathering, with the whole works (appetizers, drinks, games, dancing, etc.)

What you do with your friends really just depends on your interests, and how many of you there are. Regardless of what you do, though, we know you’ll have a wonderful evening full of laughs and good times.

2) At Your Parents/With Your Family

A Family New Year's

Depending on what your Christmas plans were, you may have had all the family time you can handle. Or perhaps you spent Christmas with your significant other’s family. So why not spend New Years with yours? You can also always spend time with a specific family member. Maybe you’re insanely close to your older sister. Why not grab a bottle of champagne and celebrate with her? Spending time with your family can be the perfect, low-key way to ring in the New Year.

3) On A Trip

New Year's Destination

This might be a hard one to plan last minute, but how exciting would it be to ring in the New Year somewhere you’ve never been before? A new year is a perfect time for new adventures, right? If you’ve had time to plan it out, an all-inclusive resort is the ideal,hassle-free way to guarantee you have New Year’s Eve plans set and ready to go. Not to mention, you’ll likely want to spend a couple days on your vacation, which is always a nice getaway. But hey, if you don’t have that kind of time off, you can also choose to go somewhere more low-key. Somewhere even within driving distance works! But also be sure to check last minute flight deals. You might be able to save some serious cash!

4) On the Town

New Year's Eve Party

And yes, the more typical New Year’s event: a night on the town. It’s party time, and that means grabbing those high heels and your sequin dress! But hey, maybe the idea of “party time” doesn’t necessarily appeal to you. Maybe you’re hoping to keep it casual but still get out of the house for New Year’s Eve. Not a problem! There are different levels of what you can do on your night on the town. Here are just some ideas:

  • Grab your significant other, and plan a fancy dinner. Get dressed up and indulge at one of your favorite restaurants. Just make sure to call ahead for reservations.
  • If you’re more in the mood for a ladies night, call up your girlfriends and go dancing to ring in 2018!
  • Be sure to check local events in your city to see what they have going on. There are many restaurants and bars that will do special New Year’s events. You might have to plan a bit in advance in order to ensure you can get tickets, but if you can get a big group together, the evening can end up being quite eventful.
  • Or hey, maybe you’re perfectly content just hitting up your local bar. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a knit sweater, and you’re ready for the night! Simple and fun? Perfect.

Whichever way you choose to spend your night on the town, the main takeaway is to ensure that you’re spending it with good people. When you’re surrounded by friends and family that you enjoy spending time with, we almost guarantee your evening will be a success.

5) At Home

And of course, we can not mention the true pleasure that can come from just having a casual evening at home. You’ll find this is an especially enjoyable idea if you’ve spent the past couple years with elaborate events. Perhaps invite a friend over, or maybe spend it with a significant other, or even just with your pet will do. Or hey, why not grab your favorite bottle of wine, order some take-out, and spend the evening entirely with yourself? After a busy holiday season, sometimes there’s nothing better than winding down and having some me time.

So, ladies, how will you be spending your New Year’s Eve? There’s really no wrong to go about it. Whether you’re out on the town, or comfortably planted on your couch, the main concern to have is finding an activity that sounds enjoyable to you. Take the pressure off of making New Year’s plans, and instead, simply take the time to reflect on your year. Because yes, 2018 is almost here, and it’s time to make it the best year yet! Who’s with us?

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